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Bring your group together and connect them in innovative and exciting ways with our unique and thrilling team building events. No group too big, no group too small - we do it all. Get in touch today and lead your team to greatness!

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Team Building

Here at Event Collection, we are committed to supplying our clients with the highest-quality, most engaging, fun, and unique team building activities. We provide a friendly and professional service, which allows our clients to enjoy the event production process and allow us to do all the hard work.

With years of experience, we provide a vast range of team building endeavours specialising in different areas of group development – from working on multiple skills at once in a workshop environment to proper fun activities focussing on enjoyment. We are a one-stop shop for all your event needs! At Event Collection, the needs and wants of our clients are our utmost priority. We ensure each client feels listened to and looked after. This is so everything they desire their event to be is reflected within their package and on event day. 

Our team-building packages are designed to incorporate many key skills into the event, whilst getting everyone involved. We aim to highlight the strengths of our clients and improve any areas which require attention. With the collective aim to make your team stronger and develop deeper, more meaningful connections between each other. Our expert event managers create bespoke, specifically tailored team-building events, which will give your employees unforgettable memories. We offer team-building activities such as boot camps, it’s a knockout, crystal challenges, escape rooms and many more. 

What can you gain from our team building events?

We can tailor our packages to your specific desires and requirements– depending on the size, values, aims and sector of your business. We use these key pieces of information to ensure you will gain the most from your event.

A general theme within our team-building experiences is that we promote inclusion, equality, diversity, and communication. These base skills can be applied to either a brand-new team who barely knows one another, to even teams who have worked alongside one another for years. The main aim is for your team to achieve small goals throughout overall course of the day. Whether the activities are competitive or friendly to utilise the different attributes of each group member. This allows everyone to discover and use to their advantage, everyone’s areas of strength. 

Test the precision and problem solving of your colleagues with our space programme. Everyone must work together to successfully execute a rocket launch. 

A night at the circus! Ever wondered how the performers in the circus executed their tricks? Come and find out and take part in our circus skills workshop. Also if you don't yet have a venue for your event, we can help you source you the perfect venue for your event!

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Beat The Clock - Team Building Activity
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