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Sing Off

Got the voice of Beyoncé or the tones of Weird Al Yankovic? Put your team to the test in a sing-off at your next event!
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Brings everyone out of their comfort zone
Allows everyone to try new things
Increases team spirit
Legends are born


Duration: 1 - 6 hours
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 300

This engaging hilarious activity is a crowd-pleaser and will get the group together. Sing Off will provide hours of fun for everyone in your team. This activity can also be used for a quick icebreaker or energiser event at the start of your meeting or conference. As colleagues battle against one another, belting out the classics, this is a great way to bring everyone together and allow them to relax.

There is a huge element of fun and excitement within our Sing-Off corporate team-building event. One which is always popular with our clients! The great thing about this activity is that is works perfectly for both smaller and larger groups alike and is perfect for after a conference or meeting.

Team Building Event

Spice it up a little bit, and get your team into small groups and let the bands compete against one another. Gain points for the best vocals, rhythm, team spirit and of course the ever-hilarious dance-off! Will they be the next pop sensation? We think you have what it takes!

This event specialises in bringing people outside their comfort zone and building on their confidence, as well as allowing the team to enjoy themselves. As the teams cheer one another on, this really hypes up the team spirit. This creates a great atmosphere within the workplace. Our Sing Off event gives everyone a more positive outlook as they get to know their colleagues on a deeper level.

Corporate Occasions

Don’t worry if singing isn’t your forte, your team will need backup dancers too. Have your best moves at the ready! We can also add a full band for this event or even have little mini bands for each team. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get more out of your team, all the teams can also have different musical items to help them with their performance.

If you’re looking for a different type of day/night,  we have another version of our Sing Off corporate option. This involves your team working together with our in-house band to write, sing and perform a song that is dedicated to your business and will become your theme song for years to come. So hold your hats this event is going to be a blast!


All Our Event Packages Include

  • Fully Bespoke Activity Selection
  • Event Manager for the day of your Event
  • Uniformed, Friendly and Trained Staff
  • Fully PAT Tested Equipment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Health & Safety (Risk Assessments)
  • All equipment required for the activities
  • Trophy & Spoon
  • Photos of the day

Anything extra as needed!

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