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Treasure Hunts

Navigate your way to success with our range of Treasure Hunts ready for your team to take on! Solve puzzles and clues and use your intuition to lead you to victory. Our hunts are the perfect adventure for any group to embark on!

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Treasure Hunts

Choose between a bespoke treasure hunt, scavenger hunt or even our new GPS treasure hunts – all designed with various themes to build an exciting package for your team away day. Get your staff outdoors whilst challenging them in many different aspects, providing the ultimate chase. Incorporating both fresh air and exercise, combined with the hunt itself – your team will develop in many aspects without realising they are working hard. 

How do our treasure hunts benefit your team?

Our treasure and scavenger hunts improve relationships in both group and individual settings. As they utilise the strengths and weaknesses of your delegates, the team naturally bonds closer as key skills such as communication, resilience and teamwork are highlighted. Got an away day with your company coming up? Event Collection’s hunts are the best way to provide your attendees with an unforgettable experience, alongside developing many new skills, building closer bonds within groups and going home with a stronger team.

Each hunt we deliver is considered an adventure. The teams set out on a quest to complete given tasks and race back to base – all whilst solving puzzles, testing their strengths and building trust with their team. Although that’s not all. The team’s race to accumulate our Event Collection trophy – and prove to the other teams that they are the ultimate winners.  We can create customised questions for any team building treasure hunt event around the UK.

Teams must think on their feet and develop their progress through the treasure hunt as a collective. This version of teambuilding is effective on any type of team – new teams, existing teams and even those who have never met. After completing any of our hunts, there is guaranteed progress within the group dynamic – which will in turn improve the effectiveness and efforts of your team in everyday working life.

The average treasure, scavenger/GPS hunt lasts 3 hours but is often combined in a package with some of our other team building activities. This makes for a day of fun, excitement and dedication to take on the challenge. 

Will they keep calm and collected or will competitiveness take over? Test the limits of your team with our many different hunt ideas and packages. Our bespoke collection is always a hit for teams wanting to do teambuilding, but something a bit different and unique. 

Which Hunt will you decide on?

So what’s the difference? A treasure hunt will have you solving a series of puzzles that will lead you to the “prize.” Whereas with a corporate scavenger hunt, your skills are tested by navigating your way to find clues and/or items. Here the groups can be dropped off in secret locations.

It also means the team has to make their way back to base before everyone else. This form of team building is very popular.

GPS treasure hunts are all tablet-based treasure hunts and they are great for inspiring a competitive spirit within the workplace. These activities are great for working on your team’s problem-solving and time-keeping skills. Our team treasure hunts are jam-packed with elements including augmented technology, and interactive team chats to make sure all the teams can communicate and also see where the teams are at all times

You and your employees will work hard to plan and perfectly execute the events ahead of the other groups. Even though you are in a fun environment it’s great to get an insight into how your staff ticks and how they work well together!

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