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An interactive, problem-solving activity which gets everyone involved and playing a role. The aim of this activity is for the groups to come up with a structure that a ball can consecutively roll down – in the style of a rollercoaster!
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Works really well for both small and larger groups
Works really well for both small and larger groups
Lots of fun
Entertaining event for both the teams and observers


Duration: 1 - 2 hours
Minimum: 6
Maximum: Unlimited

Whether you go for a straightforward design, a pendulum or even a loop the loop. The design is completely in the hands of your team with this rollercoaster event, using a variety of raw materials to come up with the best rollercoaster structure possible. What better way to inspire creativity and let minds run free? Exactly! The main aim is to get everyone working together, thinking outside the box and having a great time.

Employee Fun Day Activities

Let the Employee Fun Day Activities begin. Trial and error of the rollercoaster design is the perfect way to keep everyone on their toes. This also utilises the strengths of each group member. As everyone suggests new and innovative ways to improve the design, collaborating is a great tool for coming up with the best Rollercoaster. After a long week of work or a day of meetings – let the team let loose and tackle the Rollercoaster project!

The flexibility of the rollercoaster event is something that is extremely attractive about it. It can work wonders with only a few delegates. This means there can be more time spent on each person’s theories and ideas. Alternatively, this is amazing to watch in big groups as there as so many different ideas to put together, making it so entertaining to observe and work with. This event would be great paired with one of our evening entertainment events, perfect to round off the day!

Corporate Indoor Activities

Contact us today and get your team ready to take on the Rollercoaster build here at Event Collection!


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  • All equipment required for the activities
  • Trophy & Spoon
  • Photos of the day

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