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Scottish Themed Events

Experience Scottish heritage in true, traditional fashion. Our Scottish themed events package is perfect to learn and experience classic activities which have been loved in Scotland for thousands of years. Get involved in our amazing workshops, which provide an interesting, realistic insight into how to play bagpipes and how to highland dance.
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A great way to get involved in classic Scottish traditions!
Excellent for showing international teams Scottish heritage and culture
Always extremely fun events!
Improve morale


Duration: 30 minutes - 3 hours
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 1000

Authentic Scottish Experiences

Our Scottish themed events package also makes for the perfect way to welcome international clients to Scotland. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate some of the fabulous long-established, nationally treasured pursuits of the Scot’s! So, get your jimmy hat on, fasten your kilt, and submerge both you and your party in the exciting journey through Scottish legacy! Lang may yer lum reek!

Bagpipe Workshop

An insight into the Scottish tradition of bagpiping. Bring your friends, family, or co-workers together and let the fun begin! As you all embark on a journey to learn the basic principles of bagpiping, this is a great activity for incorporating fun in your event.

Bagpipe Lessons & Experiences

Our professional tutors are the best in the business and will ensure everyone walks away from the session having learned something. Scottish themed events are ideal as both an indoor team building activity and also as an outdoor team building activity. Thereforeso can be delivered at a wide range of venues. So, get you and your team ready to show of your Scottish skills and “give it laldy” on the pipes.

Bagpipe Workshop for Includes:

  • A real authentic bagpipe tutor for up to 30 guests (we can do more guests by adding in extra pipers)
  • Practise Chanters
  • Antibacterial wipes for the players
  • Set of real bagpipes to show off your skills
  • From 15 mins to 60 min sessions depending on numbers and how good you and your team are at puffing on the pipes

Highland Dancing Workshop:

The beautiful art of Scottish Highland Dancing. Get your kilt on, grab a partner, and let the highland dancing workshop begin! Watch the perfectly executed moves of our trained dancer and allow yourself to be immersed to the tunes played by our fantastic accordionist.

Traditional Scottish Dancing

After observing and getting to grips with the classic Scottish dances such as the Highland Fling or the Gay Gordons – it’s time for your team to perform like a real Scottish clan. These dance moves are believed to be both a sport and an art form, Highland dance builds strong and flexible mind and body which also improves agility, skill, and equilibrium.

This is a great activity for getting everyone involved, no matter or age or ability. For anyone unable to take part in the dancing, there is so much opportunity to cheer the team on from the side-lines. Remember, this is a competition so make sure you bring your best dance moves!

Highland Dancing Workshop Includes:

  • A Professional Highland Dancer
  • Professional Accordion Player
  • Lots of fun and laughter and guidance for the famous Scottish dances

Are you looking for a venue to hold your Scottish workshop? Check out our Venue Finding Page and allow us to match make you with a specifically tailored venue to your event needs.


All Our Event Packages Include

  • Fully Bespoke Activity Selection
  • Event Manager for the day of your Event
  • Uniformed, Friendly and Trained Staff
  • Fully PAT Tested Equipment
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Health & Safety (Risk Assessments)
  • All equipment required for the activities
  • Trophy & Spoon
  • Photos of the day

Anything extra as needed!

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