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'The Big Mix Up' Quiz at the Marcliffe Hotel

April 21, 2023

The team ventured to the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen to deliver our fantastic ‘The Big Mix Up’ quiz for our client Harbour Energy!

Fun and Engaging Energisers!

We kicked off with an energiser and some tunes to get the teams fired up and give them the chance to win some bonus points to boost their final scores. The teams had the first course of their meal after our energiser – Hit or Miss! - as they refuelled and prepared for the next round! This contained a lot of wonderful dancing and singing along, and it was clear who the party animals within the group were! 

Group Participation

After another few courses of food, everyone was ready to go, and we dived into the next round of our ‘Big Mix Up!’. Throughout the rounds, we saw excellent dancing, problem-solving and a lot of laughter. These activities definitely got everyone grooving and it was lovely to see everyone having a great time!

Evening Entertainment 

During our round of thinking outside the box, we saw Table 3 (whose team name was Chips n Dales!), come to life. They landed the highest score for this activity. However, this was not the only team who impressed during this activity, Table 2 (Gary’s Starving! – this team name had our team in stitches), thought outside the box and presented one of the most unique approaches to this activity Event Collection has seen in a while! This was extremely entertaining!

In the next epic quiz round, the delegates partook in a unique critical thinker with a fun twist! ‘Trafalgar’ really impressed us here and certainly gave us a good laugh – what a great team sport! The spirits were high, and the teams began to get their game faces on – after all, we were competing for the iconic Event Collection Trophy! 

Fun-Filled Events for the Whole Team

After tremendous efforts from teams – Balding Gracefully, Chips n Dale, Gary’s Starving and Captain Sunflower, the results were in, and it was time to see who came out of this amazing event victorious! Captain Sunflower came in with 3,103 points, putting them in 4th place. However, they got to walk away with the wooden spoon (some same more useful than a trophy! LOL). In 1st Place was Gary’s Starving with 4,244 (a tremendously high score!) and they were awarded the Event Collection Trophy! 

Overall, this was a great evening and we loved delivering The Big Mix Up Quiz event to Harbour Energy! The delegates all had fantastic team spirit and were up for every round. Great effort team!

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