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Harbour Energy - Team Building in Aberdeen

February 22, 2023

This week the team delivered one of our ‘Take Me Back’ events for our amazing client Harbour Energy at the Chester Hotel in Aberdeen! It was a great day for the team, and everyone had a great time working around the different games and activities, collecting points to go towards winning the Event Collection trophy.

Our helium stick energiser is a great way to kick off any day with the team! There were great demonstrations of problem-solving and teamwork during this activity which highlighted the strength of the groups. Nicola was especially great at cheering on her team and supporting them whilst they worked through the activity. Team 1 excelled in this activity and had the quickest time – great work team!

Aberdeen Team Building

In our Blind-in-Tent activity, there was amazing communication between each team, and it was great to see everyone working together to achieve a common goal. Naomi was a great communicator, and this benefitted her team, as they were given clear and concise instructions. Amanda and Scott assisted their teams by using coordination and focus to assemble different areas whilst the other members cracked on with other areas. Teambuilding is an amazing way to see and get to know your colleagues on a different level and connect everyone’s strengths!

Interlocker is always a client favourite and always challenges the brain! The teams worked together excellently and through communication tried lots of different ways of figuring out the solution. Team 6 managed to complete this activity quickly and had the fastest time of the day. This was great for our team to see everyone working together efficiently and we also loved all of the laughs that this day of fun brought for all involved!

Harbour Energy brought out the musical talent, their boom whacker tunes were great and so amusing for everyone both taking part and for us delivering the event! We heard a lot of the classic melodies and even a few original so they put on a great show. Team 5’s performance was especially outstanding and caught our team’s eye – well-done team 5!

Our Rollerball activity is a throwback to the gameshow classic Crystal Maze and allows everyone to unleash their creative side. The teams had great fun using all of the different materials and deciding on the best course of action. We also had one of the best times we have seen here at Event Collection with a whopping 51.34 seconds! Team 2 you were incredible!

Mexican Railway was a favourite of the day as everyone strived to create the longest railway. This activity relies on full group participation and Harbour did exactly that, it was amazing for our team to see the groups immersing themselves in this activity and being in the zone. The longest railway was team 3 with a spectacular 7.1 metres! This was a heroic effort.

The whole day was a great demonstration of what teamwork, communication and resilience can achieve for businesses. We loved working with these teams and delivering a fun-packed day for Harbour Energy. A special shoutout to team 6 who were our overall winners for the day and went home with the Event Collection. However, every single member of the groups involved played a huge part in making the day such a great success.

We love to deliver our ‘Take Me Back’ events as they bring out a great side of the teams and are also a great laugh! A big thanks goes out to Tracy & Heather for organising an amazing event and we can’t wait for the re-match!

If you would like to give your team the opportunity to take part in a series of amazing and unique activities – get in touch today and let us take your business’ connectivity to the next level!

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