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October 12, 2022

New and exciting gamification events have landed here at Event Collection. Our brand-new event technology and exciting event products can take your business to the next level through fun and learning. As an event company, we have put together a range of games & challenges with different outcomes. To put it another way, each is designed to get your team working together to create a better creative business.

Gamification first started in the education sector helping teachers and lecturers design products for their students. They believed learning was an educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.

Exciting event products to take your business to the next level

When doing our research, we read an article in which Yu-kai Chou says “Key to your gamification goals is all about the effort to maintain a rich communications environment that encourages feedback and reinforcement. Not only between the business and the employee but also between the employees themselves. Furthermore, these socially interactive mechanisms, with the proper level of control for encouragement and discipline can be designed in effective ways to create “fun” learning situations, producing more effective business environments”.

Indeed, after reading more about gamification and Yu-kai Chou, we knew as a team-building company we could develop and produce new games and events to help companies around the UK and abroad. For this reason, we create effective ways through learning and help them design bespoke team-building development tools and apps to get a better ROI for staff away days and future business.

In Conclusion

We have an extensive range of gamification event products for indoors and outdoors, that would fit perfectly with your corporate away days! Let us introduce our exciting event products (Link to virtual events)  that can take your business to the next level. Our tablet-based games will have the teams working closely focusing on business objectives relate to your company plans and goals!

Benefits of our Gamification Event Products

  • Organisational leadership.
  • Understanding respective roles and duties.
  • The purpose of achieving goals and objectives.
  • Defining and adjusting roles.
  • Enhance motivation.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Building effective working relationships
  • Creative Thinking
  • Business Cohesiveness
  • High Performance
  • Leadership
  • Team Connectivity

To sum up, all the games and activities are based on strategies. These will need to be communicated and involve props and equipment to bring the gamification to life. These are great GPS tablet events that have everyone talking, and dealing with real-life situations within the business world. Lessons can be taught and discussions can be had. Ultimately, we find the best way of learning is by doing (experiential learning). Get in touch with us today to discuss our exciting event products that can take your business to the next level

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