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'Beat the Box' Event in Aberdeen

May 8, 2024
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Our team delivered our brand-new and updated ‘Beat the Box’ package for our clients in Maryculter House Hotel, in Aberdeen last week. We are so excited to share this with you all! This event package is jam-packed full of challenges, games and missions and was a crowd-pleaser last week. We love delivering team building in Aberdeen.

We kicked off the event with our Bridge Build Energiser to get everyone fired up for the day! This energiser is always a hit and is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun. The object of this game is to use the provided materials in creative and innovative ways to build a bridge for the car to drive over. This activity had everyone thinking caps on and the teams came up with fantastic ideas. This was the best way to kick off the team building in Aberdeen!

Now it was time to begin Beat the Box and we started with giving each team their boxes. The team names were so brilliant we just had to share them! We had Smokey and Bandits, Dukes of Hazard, High Spirits, A Bridge Too Far, Endeavor Dragons and Sticky Bridge. The guests were all up for the challenges and a good laugh which made for a fantastic event!

Team Building Events in Aberdeen

The first task for each team was to solve the riddle to unlock their box. Endeavor Dragons smashed this and managed to crack the code in record time! We were ready to go and everyone had free choice of the activities they would tackle. The activities within the box ranged from easier challenges up to the proper brain bogglers. As the level of difficulty of the activities increased, so did the points up for grabs. This made the missions extremely interesting! 

Some of the activities really stood out to us as the groups really impressed us. One that caught our eye was the Dukes of Hazard's incredible time of 25 seconds in solving our ‘Nail It’ challenge. This was one of the higher-level challenges, so excuse the pun, but they nailed it! Sticky Bridge also had an outstanding score in the ‘Puzzler’ activity – well done! We also can't forget Smokey and Bandit’s amazing attempt at the ‘Rubix Cube’ game, they were the first to finish this one! 

Event packages designed with your team in mind!

During the event, we had an intermission to bring the group together again and challenge our ‘Out of Box’ activity. At this event, we tasked them with our fascinating ‘Hula Hoop Challenge’. The room was in stitches, the nominated contestants really impressed their teams! Once again, a fantastic effort! 

After the time was up, we had one last mission for the teams to complete: Our ‘After Eight Relay’. Each person at the event came into this final challenge with their game faces on and gave it a good go! This filled the room with hilarity. It was brilliant to see everyone having such a good time and letting themselves go! We love delivering engaging, upbeat, inclusive event packages designed with your team in mind.

It's time for the moment we were all waiting for – the scores on the doors! Every team put their all into each activity, but in the end, the Dukes of Hazard were victorious – with a whopping 1200 points! Just behind them were the High Spirits with 1165. What an incredible score! Endeavour Dragons came in 3rd with 1125, A Bridge Too Far in 4th with 1115 and in 5th were Sticky Bridge with 1075. Last but not least, were Smokey and Bandits with 775. The teams were fantastic sports.

We'd love to say a huge thank you to Pamela from Harbour Energy for such a great event. It was a pleasure to be part of it and we can't wait for round 2 in the future!

If you think your team would thrive in this exciting adventure of thrilling games, activities and challenges (and you’re up for a whole lot of laughs!), get in touch with our team today and see if your team can ‘Beat the Box’!

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