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Springside Community Fun Day!

August 15, 2023

The Event Collection team delivered an event for the Springside Community in Irvine this past weekend. This event was great fun for everyone who came, as well as our team who had a blast delivering some of our incredible inflatables, giant games and music and announcements over our PA system!

We had lots of different areas for kids and families to take part in and enjoy, from toddler and baby areas to inflatable fun and then our amazing giant deck chair and giant games for people to chill out and try the games. This meant there was something here for everyone to take part in, no matter of age or interest, everyone had bundles of fun!

Providing hours of fun with something for everyone!

Our Human Demolition and Bungee Run were a favourite for the older kids as they could challenge one another to a race, which is a great way to let them burn off some energy and have hours of fun! The kids loved these activities, and it was great to see everyone joining in. Our giant inflatable Assault Course was also a great addition to this event as the kids raced to reach the end and slide down first. This is always such a laugh and the EC team had great fun counting them down and watching them race to the finish line!

Another client favourite from this event was our Inflatable Basketball which kept the crowds entertained as they attempted to beat one another’s high scores. Our final high score for this event was 17 baskets in a row! This was extremely impressive and even had our team attempting to beat it, however, the kids were just too good! This was definitely a great laugh and is a fantastic piece of equipment for both children and adults to enjoy together. 

The younger kids loved our Toddler Island and Ball Pool, and this was perfect to give the little ones a chance to play together whilst the older kids kept busy with the other activities. It always works really well to have the toddler area for the younger ones to enjoy as it keeps the whole family entertained.  

The giant deckchair made the ideal photo opportunity, and it is great seeing all of the summer snaps. With giant games like Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4, it was great to see everyone having a go and creating hours of endless fun. 

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Overall, this was a brilliant event, and we all had the best time delivering this event to our clients in Irvine. We got lucky with the weather too with just a small shower during the event (typical Scottish summer!), this didn’t stop the kids from having the best day though which was amazing to see! 

If you think your team or community would love a family fun day filled with different activities for everyone to enjoy, enquire today and pick your bespoke package based on equipment and games suited to your event. We would love to deliver our brilliant Fun Day packages to you and your guests! If you are looking for somewhere to host your Corporate Family Fun Day, why not check out our amazing venue partners and let us organise your venue for you?

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