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Crime Scene Investigation: The Future of Team-Building with Event Collection

November 27, 2023

A few weeks ago, we delivered a brand-new event to our amazing client at the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen – our Crime Scene Investigation Team Building. This event is a completely new chapter for us at Event Collection, and we are delighted to say our debut event was brilliant! Aberdeen is a great location for team building events, as the event spaces are perfect for accommodating your team for the event, food and drinks and fantastic options for staying over afterwards too!

This event was the ultimate CSI masterclass and consisted of the teams getting to know techniques used in Crime Scene Investigations, including fingerprinting. The teams (who named themselves fantastically such as the Jokers, Killer Queen’s and It Wasn’t Me), loved getting a proper insight into how fingerprints are taken and lifted. This masterclass was extremely engaging and mesmerising watching what happens behind the scenes, both for our clients and also for our team. There were a few interesting questions raised too, one being ‘How do you not leave fingerprints?’. We hope they aren’t planning anything questionable haha!

We moved on to looking at how evidence is collected, what processes are involved and how details are used to solve crimes. Then, it was time to solve a puzzle of their own! The teams were given a file of all of the characters, their relationships, and the information about the case. They had the crime scene in front of them and were set to task figuring out what had happened, using fingerprinting, DNA profiling and all of the facts in the file. Our team leaders: Bob, Kirsty, Courtney, and David gave points during the activity to teams showing excellent investigative skills, as well as for teamwork, leadership and other attributes that are crucial in CSI! 

The time was up, and it was time for each team to present their findings of what they thought happened and see if they had solved the murder correctly. Using everything they had learned in the masterclass and their intuition; 3 groups solved the crime correctly which was great to see. Combining the parts of the crime they solved correctly and the points they gained during the challenge, the winner was revealed – the Jokers were the overall winners of the day!

The event was a great success, enjoyed by our clients and EC instructors alike, it was great to see this unique and immersive team-building session in action for the first time. If you think your team has what it takes to solve a crime, whilst learning the intricacies in a CSI masterclass of fingerprinting and DNA profiling. This event makes for an amazing team-building activity and is and great way to bring your team together and get them to think outside the box. There’s been a murder – will your team piece together the puzzle?

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